Product Identification

  • DuraTech produces basic logos, dials, nameplates, labels, label kits, and overlays to large format graphics. Rapid digital printing and multiple screen printing processes allow them to produce your needs and enahance them in many different ways. They have an southeast manufacturing plant & warehouse in North Carolina as well as other global locations to serve all your operations. They produce:
  1. Screen Printing
  2. Digital Printing
  3. Flexographic Printing
  4. Decorative Mechanical Finishing
  5. Printed Insulators, Gaskets and Spacers
  6. Metal Nameplates

Domed Labels

  • DuraTech’s DuraDome and EcoDome are in-house processes for brand enhancement.  State of the art equipment and processing helps them produce “first class” applications.  Doming provides an effective way to make your logos, product names and other branding materials stand out with its domed label services. They are commonly found on consumer products, vehicles and appliances. 

In Mold Decoration / Film Insert Molding

  • DuraTech has state of the art processes for creating intricate appliques used in film insert molding.  Used in applications from hand-held electronic devices to your home appliance and components in automobile dashboards, in-mold decorating rewards the end-user with a high-quality, long lasting product.  Because of the protective surface that is created when the printed overlay is bonded with the molding resin, this second surface process adds a dimension of durability not found in first surface pad printed parts. The graphics are virtually scratch resistant. Contact us to see review your needs.