Cast Urethane Plastic Parts

  • ProtoCAM offers cast urethane or RTV molded parts.  This process is ideal for low volume plastic parts or assemblies to produce production-ready parts without the added expense of machine tooling.  

Foam, Rubber, and other Flexible Components

  • Lakeview Industries specializes in flexible solutions.  Lakeview produces custom and standard foam, sponge and rubber applications.  Molded, die cut and extruded components.  Lakeview has both a domestic operation as well as off-shore facilities to produce a wide variety of requirements.   Applications include:  
  1. Environmental sealing 
  2. Noise and Vibration Control 
  3. Cushioning/Surface Protection 
  4. EMI Shielding
  5. Thermal Management



Rotational Molding & Thermoforming

  • JECO Plastics specializes in producing large plastic parts utilizing  rotational and thermoforming processes.  Our expertise includes making custom  cases, containers and pallet systems.  In-house 5 Axis CNC machining and  intricate testing systems help us turn around your needs quickly and  accurately.  

Injection Mold Tooling from Asia with 24/7 Support

  • Since 1998, Total Solutions Industries has dedicated itself to a core value of  creating strong partnerships with each of our customers. This business  model has been and will continue to enable our partners to achieve their  highest return on their Precision Tooling  Investments.

    To achieve our commitment, we provide you Certified Off Shore Manufacturing to deliver the maximum direct cost savings from your  precision tooling purchase. Our staff of professionals utilizes our  unique project management communications portal in reducing your time and operational costs.